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Chicken Up Little

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Chicken Up Little is well known for their Authentic Korean Fried Chicken and loved by everyone in Singapore. It is an express version of the #1 Korean Fried Chicken joint, Chicken Up. They are located near shopping malls where tourists would shop all day for souvenirs for their loved ones at home. Chicken Up Little is very convenient specially to those people that have limited time to eat because of wanting to shop more. 

Chicken Up Little is a little bit different from the other Chicken Up outlets. It’s more affordable and more on a fast food type stall. Though they’re fast-serving, the staff are making sure that they maintain the good quality of the chicken. The method of preparing the chicken is more on adapting the Korean way. They double-fry the chicken and the best part of it is, they remove the fat from the chicken skin. 
Chicken Up Little created its own distinct variation of fried chicken. Customer’s always loved the chicken. It has crunchy skin that are not greasy and it’s very juicy, sumptuous and tender inside. They are well known for the mouth watering flavours of their chicken which can be eaten in the outlet or even for take aways. If you haven’t tried it yet, then you have to.